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10 Instagram Accounts You Should Totally Follow

Instagram can get stale very quickly so give your feed a freshen up with this top 10 list of ’10 Instagram Accounts You Should Totally Follow’.

Number 10:

Me. Obviously. I’m awesome and post super generic photos of food and life and stuff.

Number 9:

Pugs. They make everything better.

Number 8:

Stuart McDonald, Co-Founder of Travelfish. Travelling is great, but if you can’t escape the desk Stuart’s photos should be enough to tide you over for a while.

Number 7:

Vangelis Paterakis, Architectural and Hotel Photographer. Imagine you’re not on the toilet scrolling through Instagram with Vangelis’ photos to take you away.

Number 6:

Blake Scott, LA based mens fashion blogger. He’s like a posrtable lookbook for wardrobe inspiration.

Number 5:

Aimee Song, Fashion Blogger and Interior Designer. Freshens up my feed with bright fashion shots and some great looking food.

Number 4:

Julie West, Vegan + Raw Food Food Blogger. I’m not a vegan, but these recipes are fantastic and the food looks super tasty.

Number 3:

Andres, LA based Photographer. Perfect timing and great compositions.

Number 2:

Daniel Arnold, New York based Street Photographer with balls of steel. A must follow for anyone who’s on Instagram for the photography.

Number 1:

He throws naked porn stars off roofs into pools and eats Lucky Charms like a boss. Dan Bilzerian, Poker Playboy & Millionaire Asshole makes #1 for living the dream of my 14 year old self.

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