Avacado + Dog’s Eye = Weird

I made another Photoshop video, pretty random, but I’ve grown quite accustomed to doing them. I think it’s something to do with being able to see the whole process of what you’ve done played back to you.

It’s still being ‘processed’ by YouTube, so I’ll just blabber for a moment.

This blog is starting out to be quite Photoshop orientated.

I’ve always wanted to make some sort of viral advert, I mean studying advertising – fair enough, but before then I’ve just wanted to make one, a successful one, I’ve just not had the means to do it though. I have the software, just never tried using it.

Maybe I’ll try my hand at After Effects and make a massively successful viral that’ll make me rich beyond my wildest dreams.

That’d be nice.

The video has finally finished processing so here it is. Ends quite abruptly though.

Ugly to Pretty (Photoshop)

Carrying on from the previous Fat/Skinny Photoshop sessions I found this one. Personally I think it’s amazing and definitely worth a watch.

Maybe another one for me to have a go at?

Screen Recording – Thin to Fat (Photoshop)

Well, I said I was going to do it.

This is a quick demonstration of the effects that can be achieved using Photoshop to manipulate the human form.

Please be aware that this was just a quickie project, as you’ll notice on the video there can be much more done in terms of fine details such as the skin shading, blending and just generally ironing out all the fine details and cleaning it up a bit.

But it gets the point across.

Fat To Thin – Thin To Fat (Photoshop)

I was on YouTube and I’ve seen this video a couple of times of someone using Photoshop to make a rather big woman, thinner. It’s quite amazing watching it work.

So I thought I’d have a go, but instead of making someone thin, why not make them fat? So I did, to my housemate. Here is the before and the after image.

Before Photoshopping
Before Photoshopping
After Photoshopping
After Photoshopping

Next time I do something like this I think I’ll use a screen recorder so the whole process can be seen. Fun, fun, fun.


First post of my official, all about me, blog.

The reason I say it like that is because (and this is where you learn a bit more about me) I have several websites and blogs just floating around the internet. Mainly because either I’ve been bored and got a random idea into my head or I just had a whim about something. My most successful website to date, has to be thecheesegrater.co.uk.

The Cheese Grater – This is my baby, it’s where I store all the cool stuff I find on the internet.

So I decided it was about time I made a blog, just for me, my thoughts, what’s going on, my latest endeavours, etc, etc.

This is it.

I’ll start with a bit about myself and some of the build up to where I am today. I am Marcus, a qualified Graphic Designer, and an Advertising student at Bucks New Uni, so for any potential advertisers I would definitely suggest coming here. My current status is a bit of a shock from what my plans were whilst I was in year 12, I had no clue of what I was going to do, so like everyone else, I planned to stay on to 6th form, spend 2 years there and move off to a random uni – boy was I wrong!

My plans got severed after I got a ‘C’ instead of a ‘B’ in English at (and this IS a plug for the shit ass, benchmark supporting, student patronizing, crap hole of a sphincter) The Broxbourne School. Basically, because I got a ‘C’ instead of a ‘B’ they refused to keep me on, yet they’d keep several students that are underachieving beyond replenishment. I Love Them.

If it wasn’t for their ignorance as a school I would be at some random university with still no idea of what to do with my short existence of a life.

Nevertheless, this left me in a bit of a pickle towards the end of the summer when it was either attend a random institute or take an early gap year. So I applied and got accepted to the Hertford Regional College to study Engineering, imagine that! But then something amazing happened. My brother, as a joke, mentioned joining an all girls school, Presdales. So on a whim, (there’s that word again) I applied there too. Now, in a face to face meeting I can be pretty good in terms of being what they want me to be. It was at such short notice, (about a week before the start of term) so I got a trial day. Result! –  Problem! The ‘trial’ day was the same day I should be attending my first, fully pledged, acceptance lesson in the engineering course. I chose the girls 6th Form at Presdales.

So that lasted until I was advised to leave after the 2nd year as my grades weren’t up to scratch, must have been distracted somehow. That’s when I decided to fuck it and just go with a course that I would enjoy, regardless of how competitive career opportunities were, so as I had a slight interest in design, I chose to do a Graphic Design BTEC ND. Best thing I could of ever done, it honestly opened up a whole new world to me.

After a year of the 2 year BTEC, I got some skills and started offering a design service whilst still at college, which for studying the art for only a year, I was doing quite well for myself because of it. I got a taste of the perks, I’m talking about freelancing. Take this for example, whilst my mates were working in high street stores or behind a bar, I was earning twice almost three times the hourly rate they were, and best of all, I chose my own hours. Life was good!

Needless to say I focused on that for a while and after my 2 year course was up I had to decide what to do. I definitely wanted to go to university, but what one and what course? Advertising, I could utilise my skills as a designer and learn more on ideas, campaigns, the whole industry.

And so it leads me to my current standing point, sitting in my designated dorm room, writing on my brand new blog.

I think that’s more than enough for now, but hopefully a good starting point for expansion on this new endeavour.