It’s been a while.

I haven’t really posted anything on here for a wee while. I’m currently focusing more on The Cheese Grater than anything else. Still have some freelance design going on, Co-buy has come to a stand still for now as everyone is too busy with work etc. So yea… that’s about it.

Things are looking good on The Cheese Grater, I’m getting more and more unique page views every day as I’ve been putting it out there a bit more, getting a few more relevant link exchanges going on and it’s working out great. Currently pumping 4 digits worth of unique visitors around. Hopefully it’ll last as some months it can be quite a downer, however, the revamp has really improved everything about it and people are getting lost in the content sitting there for up to half an hour!

The Monster Hunter competition is going well, have over 30 entrants which is nice. Capcom sent more T-Shirts so more prizes for everyone.

Generally, life is pretty good. Can’t wait to go back to university, will be pretty shiick.