Yea, i’m not really sure where I was going with this. Nevertheless, it is a doodle and it will be categorised as such.


A lovely day to feed the Geese, today.

Except for an ominous looking crow.

This crow is epic. After watching me for at least 20 minutes hand feeding the Geese out of a Kingsmill 50/50 bread bag, this crow decides to come into the house and help it self when no one watching. Needless to say, I heard this, ran in the other room and it flew away.

I closed the door.

It came back and tried to peck through the window.

Long story short, I wanted this crow on film. So I opened up the door and hid with the bread in plain sight. The video is 480p and was filmed on my Olympus E-PL1. It would have been 720p but because of a bad internet speed, it wasn’t feasible for me to upload such a massive file, so it had to be compressed.

My Grandparents Remastered.

My mum gave me a photo of my grandparents to fix. The photo is very old with a few tears in it, but alas, after some photoshopping and facial reconstruction surgery, I fixed it up pretty good.

Stop Motion Monopoly Madness!

Here’s my second attempt at trying to create something epic. It’s so much better than my first attempt (obviously). I just tried out some different camera angles, depth of fields and zooming during filming. Considering that there was no after effects added (minus sound), I think it’s awesome.

Monopoly Car Crash – Stop Motion

Here’s my first attempt at stop motion with the Olympus E-PL1.

It’s quite jerky, I would have liked it smoother, but that would be due to me firstly not taking enough pictures, and secondly, not taking enough care to not jog the camera.

Geek Security

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I want this. Screw your iPad and iPhone 4. I want a brass mother fucking maze, on the inside of my mother fucking door.

Oversized Animals

I’ve been thinking about starting a new photography project recently incorporating the use of oversized animals or insects, maybe even plants. I’ve given it a go with a photo of my back garden and a huge pigeon on the rooftop over yonder. I think I can do a lot better though. Here’s my first attempt (click photo to view full size).

Canadian Club

How do you advertise a manly whiskey? Canadian Club have nailed it. Vintage photography and bold statements that extrude truth in such an epic way.

[click image for full size; it’s worth a read]