Hoverflies on open Lilies.

I’m ill today, and in being so there is not much to do so I decided to play around with my PEN camera! I had the intention of making another stop motion (which I will still likely do), but I ventured into the garden and saw that the Lilies my mum planted had opened up and were infested with these little hoverflies.

So I took some pictures, but I’m only really proud of one. (click image for full size)

Juicy Goosey Wallpaper

I made a wallpaper, but i’m not sure why or what’s going on. All images were taken with the Olympus PEN.

IF you happen to like it, go ahead and click the image below for the full sized image.

Mongoose Maurice

I’m getting a new bike. I tried the fold up one, which, around High Wycombe, is really bad due to it’s small wheels and the steepness of the hills around this area.

I looked into bike and being more into BMXs than big boy bikes with gears and all that jazz, I decided on a bigger version of a BMX without gears. The Mongoose Maurice. It’s a fixed wheel or freewheel bike (flipflop rear wheel hub), so I think i’m going to try out the fixed wheel for a bit and see if it’s time to lose the breaks or keep the coasting. That’s one of the main selling points to me on this bike – that it has the option for both types of riding and it doesn’t have gears that I have to keep tweaking so they don’t slip out and all the nonsense that comes along with them.

I must say though, even though the bike is now ordered and hopefully should be here this week… Evans Cycles had no part in making this happen due to the fuck up on their website with the stock control. When I ordered the bike it was “In Stock” (5-7 working days delivery), but as it happens, the bike wasn’t really in stock so I would have had to wait 10-14 days for the delivery to the warehouse from the manufacturers, then the usual 5-7 to get to me. I did call them up about it and they were really helpful (cheers David) and I got a refund hassle free, that is, after I found out the bike shop down the road (FreeWheelin’) could get it in a couple of days in the size I need it etc. etc.

Enough of the jibber jabber; here’s my new whip.