A Spider’s Lunch

I saw the most intriguing spider outside as I was taking out the bin bags so I ran back in to get my camera but by the time I got back, it had gone into hiding. Not 5 seconds pass until I see a commotion on my front door between a different spider and a fly! I took some pictures using the Olympus E-PL1’s kit lens (14-42mm). It’s not a macro lens, but it did a pretty good job of capturing a lot of the detail quite vividly. (click any image to see it larger on Flickr)

Stereoscopic Photography

I thought I’d give this a try seeing as I had the Olympus PEN out. Stereoscopic photography is the art of making a photograph appear to look 3D by simply showing 2 photos of the same picture at a slightly different angle really fast. I did it with Charlotte being the subject of the photo.

After exporting it as a GIF file, thus the lack of photo quality, here is the end product. It’s not the best attempt, but i’m planning on doing some better ones soon.