When A Man Loves A Woman…

he LETS her beat him up! Not really, we actually got mugged. Mugged by Photoshop! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while after seeing something similar in the film “Get Him To The Greek”. My favourite part of this is the handmark bruise on Charlotte’s arm; nicely subtle.

Hello You Creatives: Special Print Edition

I just found out that some of my work has been published in the HYC first ever news print. What’s even more lucky is how I found out… on a Facebook album thumbnail!

I’m pretty stoked about that, just gutted I didn’t manage to get a copy of it. Maybe someone will be nice enough to [subtle hint] send me one?

Below is the full, colour version.Unfortunately, it’s not in a cool printed paper format like the tangible version above. This was inspired by the film Mon Onclé for a university project.


That’s my name and in turn I want recognition for it. I want to be on the front page of G-Dawg’s search engine!

Maybe if I say Marcus a few times.

Marcus’, Marcus, Marcus, Michaels?

Did it work?