“Fucking Prawns!”

Inspired by District 9, this was my attempt at a DIY “Prawn” claw, unfortunately, upon further inspection, it actually looks nothing like it. Nevertheless, I had to make this bad boy after seeing how easy it was in this tutorial from Indy Mogul.

This is what it looked like right after I decided it was a good idea to layer the latex on while it was on my hand. Not the best idea, but I found out that I could cope with just one arm. Which is comforting.

After I got the base of it done I did my own thing and finished off the bottle of liquid latex. It was worth it though and more is on order for the rest of the arm… that’s right, a full, bad boy, mofo, alien arm!

Marcus Michaels

Check out the album on Flickr

What’s Your Fetish?

Inspired by ChooseMyMedium.com my good friend Chris and I set up a similar type of random generator… only this time, with fetishes.

It’s safe for work (so far) and it actually quite funny so whether you’re into PANCAKE TOSSING or GOLDFISH SNIFFING, there’s something for everybody. Again, like Choose My Medium, this list will be ever growing and we may implement a user submission feature as well as others. But for now, this is it: What’s My Fetish [whatsmyfetish.com]

Choose My Medium

“Built while drunk, tweaked while hungover, finished before a shower.”

The website is now up and raring to go. The concept is simple – need to think of some mediums to advertise on? ChooseMyMedium.com randomises a growing list of media types from the usual suspects to something you probably haven’t even considered (which is the whole point of the website).

I kept it super simple and and it works sublime. Here’s a screenshot if you’re too lazy to visit the page:

Shout out to @JPHubbard keeping me company over Skype during this.

New Project: Operation “Pro Choice”

I’ve got home, it’s late, i’m drunk and I’ve had this idea in my head all day so i’m sitting up at quarter to 4 in the morning busting out some codage on dreamweaver trying to get this to work. Luckily, it’s working, but unluckily, because the domain is so new and I’ve had to point the nameservers to a different host… I can only view the site with the site preview and nothing is technically live on the internet yet.

The idea behind this new (minimalist) website, is to help creatives come up with a starting point for a campaign by throwing something into the mix that they might not have thought of. Hopefully it’ll pick up, maybe it’ll flop. Either way, I think it’s cool and i’ll be using it.

When it’s all live and hunky dory flavoured crisps, i’ll bust it out on here so whoever reads my blog can check it out – it probably won’t be relevant if you’re not in advertising though.