Creature London

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why… there’s a massive creature that has just set up it’s nest down Curtain Road. Luckily, it’s not the dangerous type that’ll rip off your head and take a dump down your throat… it’s an advertising agency.

It’s the offspring of Creature Seattle located in London, but way cooler. My creative partner and I have had the pleasure of working here the past two weeks on placement.

It’s been a great experience, everyone is cool and we’ve mainly been juicing our brains generating ideas for pitch work to win some new clients.

The agency only set up shop here a few weeks ago which was nice for us because we got to see a new agency coming together and nice for them because they’re a blank canvas for whatever awesomeness they want to paint on it.

Creature London is definitely going to be a contender in the industry. It’s one of those rare places where good ideas come first, not all of that corporate bollocks that goes on in huge factory type agencies. It’s a smaller agency with big ideas and the combined experience to execute them well.

Also, their website looks dope.

Creature London

And they feed us pizza and beer during late night mock-up sessions.

…and because we’re grateful for them taking us under their horribly disfigured creature like appendage which we’ll call a wing for the purpose of this blog post, we bought them Krispy Kremes.

Now we’ll wait for the laxatives to take effect.

Len Chi: Tick Tock

Len Chi is a bloody genius. The way this has been filmed and the whole concept of it is beautiful. It’s touching, thought provoking and it even has a quote from Steve Jobs in it.

New Homepage!

Woohoo, it’s about time I got something up on the main domain! I plan to fill it up with work so if someone visits – it’s my portfolio and then that leads into the blog, rather than having a blog with some dog vomit as a main page.

Saying that though, it’s not dog vomit any more! Oh no. Now it’s a slightly more vain attempt of a landing page featuring myself as the background image… it wasn’t meant to be vain; just coincidence. I think I should probably remove the pictures of myself from the blog though – people might start talking.

Anyway, here’s the site, if you click on the picture you can visit it live, although it looks the same.