Klout: Passing Trend or Web 3.0?

Klout is only just starting to hit the mainstream of the general public, but is it a passing trend, or a glimpse into the future of the internet?

What is Klout?

Klout is an online service that’s been around for about two years. It’s essentially social media analytics for an individual’s influence across their social network. It gathers data from your social activity and how your network responds to the content you post or the subjects you talk about. Continue reading “Klout: Passing Trend or Web 3.0?”

Scrolling Main Page Action

Just checked my inbox to find an unexpected email from my good man Josh over at providedesign. It contained my awesome new scroll feature on my home page portfolio, cheers buddy.

Previously it used to jump to the relevant section: now it scrolls. The main benefit is that people can actually see it’s one page so they can scroll about instead of going back to the buttons each time as if they were individual pages.

Baseball Bat Buying Fail

Sales of baseball bats on Amazon.co.uk have gone up over 5000% in the past 24 hours due to people wanting to defend themselves from the recent London riots.

There are going to be a lot of pissed of buyers.

Cuddly Toys After Dark: Shark

I had this idea about a week ago to make a photoset of what cuddly toys get up to after dark. The two routes I was thinking of taking were 1. Macabre and 2. Cute. I’ll probably end up mixing the two.

So anyway, I hear about a Behind The Scenes competition and I decided to go for it. The gist is that you make a video of a photo or video shoot.

Here’s my video from the shoot: