MacBook Air has arrived!

Well, it arrived last Friday – and it’s amazing. At first I barely touched it from the fear it would snap under the pressure of my man fingers, but actually, it’s an extremely solid machine. It feels more solid than my previous Aluminium Macbook (not pro).

The first thing I did was install the bare essential software I needed on it (CS5.5 and Tweetdeck), then I bought Modern Combat: Domination from the Mac App Store to see how it runs games.

It. Is. Fast. It’s only 1.8GHz, but because of the solid state storage, it is lightning quick and the game ran fantastically, even when I open Photoshop, a huge application, the icon doesn’t bounce more than once/twice. I haven’t used Premiere Pro on it yet, so I’m interested to see how it fares editing and exporting, but so far I’m feeling confident that I’ve made the right move for this to be my primary computer.

The only thing I need now is a case! I’ll probably have to pop by the Apple store on the way home.

Taking the plunge on a MacBook Air (11″)

Yup, I’m selling my Unibody Macbook (not Pro) and my first late 2006 Black Macbook and am delving into using an 11 inch Macbook Air as my Primary computer.

Now, those of you that know me will know that I do a lot of processor heavy work like video and photo editing as well as playing the odd game on Steam. I’ve done a lot of research into if this is possible and it seems about half the people say that they cannot be used as a primary computer, and the other half saying that they’re perfectly capable. I believe (and am severely hoping) that they’re perfectly capable.

The old 11″ Macbook Air line was a bit of a let down, but the latest version look very appealing. I’ve spec’d it up to the max: 4GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 1.8GHz i7 processor. This will do just fine.

As for the screen size, it’s perfect for portability, and I have an external monitor to plug it into at home for longer uses. Will I be able to handle the smaller screen? I don’t know. But I will after I get it at the end of the month (custom specs take ages to arrive).

Either way it goes, if I like it or not, I’ll stick up a quick not about it on here so you can avoid making the same mistake, or join me in celebrating an awesome little device with a powerful kick. (I REALLY hope it’s the latter).


I’m sitting here on my new (borrowed from work), old iPad, chilling out for the next two weeks. What can you expect to see on my blog the following weeks? Dunno, but probably more random rambles as I want to see how this device fares for blogging.

I have been sent another case to talk about though, so I’ll get that up soon. It’s a lens case, so not the most glamourous, but still pretty cool.

In other news, Chris and I have just finished another video which will be seeded out in a couple of weeks… and yours truly is in it looking pretty cool! I’ll post it when it’s live.

If I had a camera on this thing, I’d have put up a picture, but I don’t. So there isn’t one.