iPad 2…I couldn’t help myself


On my way home from work, I passed the Apple store. Long story short, I bought an iPad 2 – I did think “but I’ve got an 11inch air, it seems kind of redundant” which in some sense is true.

I ended up buying it because I’ve always wanted one and after having a brief fling with the 1st generation of iPad, I thought the we’re enough pros over cons, to name a few; it can act as a second monitor to dual screen with my MacBook, it’s got 32gb so is the perfect place to store my visual portfolio, and the new one isn’t being announced for at least another 4-5 months (hopefully).

That aside, the main reason I thought I’d take the plunge is because of the new iCloud service. One example is that I have the full iWork suite on my phone, laptop and now iPad which all sync together making work really easy to just do for a bit, no matter what device I’m on.

I didn’t but a case because as with everything, there is better and cheaper (or better and the same price) online.

In other news, I’ve started a new website called Style & Creativity which I’m going to properly launch when the theme is tweaked to perfection and I’ve got my first introduction post up, but if you visit the link, you’ll see it’s still not quite there (unless you’re reading this from the future).