Latest Build: Quality Franking Supplies

Quality Franking Supplies

My dad has recently started a company that delivers quality franking supplies (such as ink cartridges, ribbons, labels, etc.) – he needed a website so I said I’d put one together for him.

I designed it as a one page scrolling website, so all the buttons link to another section on the page – it’s by no means a groundbreaking website, but I definitely think it has charm.

I’ll likely put an unoptimised version of the build and start playing around with some new features. I’m planning on having a showcase style view of all the current projects instead of having them hidden on the server.

New Year, New Job

Happy new year!

It’s Saturday, I’m laying in bed watching TV and I’ve just completed the first three days of my new role as a Content Creative within get Center of Excellence (CoE) at Cheil (rhymes with tail). So far so good. I work with a brilliant team of people and it’s apparent that Cheil want the best of the best after meeting many phenomenal people. They’re growing fast and not cutting corners to make a great agency with great people.

Cheil is one of those places where you’ll know the work and the clients, but you won’t know the agency. At Cannes last year they cleaned up with (I think) around 12 awards and their main client is Samsung so chances are you have seen their work first hand.

Coming in at this stage of the company’s growth is eye-opening. Cheil is growing fast and being around to watch it develop into what I personally believe will be a globally recognised and named agency that creatives will aspire to work for, is a nice opportunity.

It’s only been three days, so of course these are just my initial thoughts. But I do have a good feeling for the future (who wouldn’t with this mosaic in the kitchen table!).


There’s also a coffee machine that gives you whatever type of coffee you want at the push of a button. It’s fast to becoming my new best friend.