That was unexpected!

Before I was even out of the door at my last agency, I was getting phone calls from people offering me freelance work. I was planning to take the next month off to relax and build the Modest Innovation identity, but one more week wouldn’t hurt – so I accepted work for that week only and turned down the jobs fell outside of that week.

Done. Bring on the weekend!

Monday rolls around with nothing out of the ordinary planned, aside from meeting up with a couple of old friends for coffee and a ‘chat’. Whilst out for coffee, we started talking and within the hour I was thrown into an impromptu interview. Long story short, I start a new full-time job in January.

I wasn’t looking for a job and wasn’t particularly interested at first – I was starting my own company after all, it was going to be amazing! However, the offer was perfect; small team, big growth and I’ve enjoyed working with the people at previous agencies, so I know exactly what I’m going in to.

I’m excited.

This isn’t to say that Modest Innovation is dead. I made it clear that this will still be something I’m giving attention to. I’m still going to get everything up and running as planned – I just won’t be actively going after new business as I was planning to.

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