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Choosing a Travel Backpack

Following on from this post, and with the help of friends sending me links, I’ve narrowed it down to 4 potential carry-on companions.

1 | Minaal | | $299 (Yup, Dollars).

This looks like the ‘Apple’ of travel bags, and as such, it has a pretty hefty price tag but it looks amazing and has some great reviews. If I have a sudden windfall of cash and frivolity, I’ll have to hope they’ve got stock for international delivery!

Minaal Carry On Backpack

2 | EastPak Weaber | | £75

On face value, this seems perfect. It’s not too big, and should hold everything I need to take. I’ll have to go to an EastPak store and try this one in person before I buy it though I think.

EastPak Weaber

3 | Osprey Pixel | | £90

The Osprey Pixel. This one has a direct line to my geeky side. Has a laptop compartment, looks really nice, quite possibly too small though, I’ll have to see what it’s like IRL before thinking about this one further.

Osprey Pixel Backpack

4 | Osprey Farpoint 40 | | £80

The Farpoint 40 is a late addition to this post, it has a laptop compartment, dual mesh pockets and other various zipped places to store stuff. It seems more practical than the Pixel and maybe offers more support than the Weaber. Could it be a winner? Perhaps.

Osprey Farpoint 40

Have you had any of these bags before? Let me know of your experiences in the comments below for a chance to win nothing except my gratuitous appreciation. Thanks!

3 replies on “Choosing a Travel Backpack”

i own an osprey pixel and love every step i take with this backpack but… it’s not a travel bag, and it will not (comfortably) hold much more than your laptop, charger and some accessories. it’s a city backpack essentially, not a travel one. for short 2-3-day travels with flights i consider buying that eastpack weaber… need to get hold of it in real life to finalize on it. minaal looks cool but is just not within my budget =)

The Weaber is a great travel bag when you are a minimal packer and you are on a trip for two nights. I can easily fit 3 days of clothing, an extra pair of shoes ,Bose headphones, water, magazines ,food ,a laptop, a notebook, and a camera in my bag

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