Curriculum Vitae

So, being a student and nearing the end of my first year of university, I have an inkling that I’m going to need a summer job. Esspecially if I’m to go on a summer holiday and pay off my overdraft before next year.

I looked at my CV and it didn’t really appeal to me anymore – It seemed boring. A standard 2 page CV with information on it, had a nice simple layout, however it just wasn’t what I wanted to send out.

After a few hours deciding on what I wanted, I put it together in Indesign with the aid of photoshop and have created an “interactive” PDF CV.

Obviously I would have to submit it here so you can have a crack at it and see what it’s like. So I will. Obviously without the references and I wouldn’t want to divulge their personal information without their permission.

Download it here: CV 25/04/09

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