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Development Test Page

…another modest innovation

In my constant endeavour to learn more, I am, and have been building a single webpage for use as a little test area. It’s sole purpose is to display useful information about the browser/monitor you’re viewing the webpage on; things like the size of your browser’s window, your screen’s resolution, and some other things that I haven’t thought of yet.

The page is also going to double up as a cross-browser test area – meaning that I can put something new on it, and hopefully it’ll look the same in all browsers (even Internet Explorer, even though it’s shit and I hate it). It also holds no images. Those triangles are pure CSS, a very neat trick found over at

So what we’ll have by the end of it, is a useful tool for the public, and a useful tool for me.

Watch this space. EDIT: It’s live.

P.S If window size reads ‘0px’ – click the mouse.

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