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How to make money while travelling

Make Money Travelling - Marcus Michaels

I’m still trying to figure this out, but the way I see it is that the ideal way to make money is by not doing anything, or doing something of little time / effort that you can do from a phone or laptop.

These are my solutions so far. They haven’t made me much travelling money, but if I reckon if keep at it, they should be a viable income stream at some point.

Make once, sell forever

I’m signed up to a couple of services where I can upload various digital things I make (icons, fonts, templates, websites, etc, etc). Once these are made, similar to selling an eBook – they can be resold over and over again with nothing extra having to be done.

These are the services I’m currently signed up to – please add more in the comments if you know of any.

The Noun Project

An amazing community project where designers upload and share icons. People make money by uploading their icons and anyone who wants to use them commercially has to pay a nominal fee on which you get a cut. I can see this working best when you have over 100 icons maybe. If nothing else, you’re adding to the project, which is nice.

Creative Market

Does what it says on the tin – it’s a market for creative people. you can buy and sell fonts, websites, photography, videos – anything that involves pixels you can sell at a price that you set. I put a couple of fonts up as a test and saw some activity almost straight away. Not a lot, but again – if you can upload a good quantity of quality work, this is the route I’d choose.

Quick projects, small payments

Sure they’re quick and yeah they won’t make you rich, but consider the price of street food in South East Asia – a quick project here and there will easily keep you fed.


The premise is simple, offer anything you like for $5. I signed up about an hour ago and have literally just been hired and completed a job whilst writing this post. This could have potential.

The services I’m currently offering are website related, for example, building a simple one page website (using an existing template I built that only involves changing a few words and an image). It takes hardly any time, but to someone who needs a quick website – it’s worth well more than $5.

Long projects, bigger payments

Essentially, you’re freelancing services for bigger projects over a longer duration. It’ll involve more communication with clients but if you’ve got a week in paradise, why not earn a few bob working a few hours a day. The employers who sign up to these services understand that you may not be in the same country as them so it’s a good place to find people to remotely work for.


Elance is probably my favourite, not because of the jobs I’m getting because I haven’t won any bids yet – but because it lets you take free tests to prove your skills. Kind of like those Facebook quizzes, but with a purpose.


Freelancer was the first I signed up to, it’s okay and has a cool ticker feature of jobs that you’d be interested in. Unlike Elance you have to pay to take tests to prove your skills, which if you’re serious about using the service is probably worth it as they’re cheap to take, but as of yet I haven’t paid for one.


I haven’t delved too deeply into this one yet, well, at all actually, but I’ve heard good things and it has a nice user experience.

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