Hustling the streets of London

I spent today in tourist mode around London with the missus. The weather was amazing and people were out having a good time.

“Guys, hey, guys. If we want this to work, dress inconspicuous.”

Then I noticed a small crowd around some people playing the cup and ball (shell) game. If you’re not familiar with this common street game – there are three upside-down cups and you have to guess which one has a ball under it. People were throwing in £20, sometimes £40 like it was nothing. I’m familiar with the way this scam works, you play the game with people you know, pretending you don’t, to build confidence in genuine on-lookers or potential marks.

Matey choosing the wrong cup. Sickeningly obvious.

It was obvious the ‘people’ in the immediate vicinity of the game were in on the scam. Firstly, no one is ever that happy to lose £40 and secondly, who the fuck wears double denim anymore?

I got closer and watched them play. Stuff like this interests me – especially since I knew what was going down. A few times the hustler wanted me to put down money. I denied and let him and his shills continue with the awful acting.

Pick a cup, any cup.

So that happened.

Also – I took a picture of a pigeon sitting next to me on a step. His uneasy glare gave me a great idea for a new photo album: ‘Animals looking at me taking pictures of them’.

This guy…


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