Marcus Doodles


So a while back, I started a Tumblr blog called Marcus Doodles. I didn’t shout about it as it was just a place online to archive the doodles I do with Paper by 53. Every time I did a doodle, I posted it to Tumblr. I never checked the Tumblr, but I posted it regardless.

Just now I checked it and saw one of my posts had a like (or love, as it’s a heart). That was cool. I looked back at my previous doodles to see if I had any more. Turns out I did… One of my images got reblogged by Paper’s tumblr gaining the doodle 79 likes and a few reblogs.


There was also some Spanish kid who wrote a little piece when she reblogged it – I translated it on Google and it was something about one lung being smaller than the other to make way for the heart and to praise God for love or some bollocks like that. Totally off the mark, I only drew it because I was bored.

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