National Rail. A danger to the humble commuter.


If you see unrestricted and very public access to live wiring, what would you do?

Ignore it is probably the safest thing to do and trying to close it off so others aren’t at risk is another good answer. However, The trouble is that closing it was impossible as it was wedged open by the train’s shelf and ignoring it is pretty hard when it’s swinging vigorously side to side above you knocking heads like an American footballer.

Physical pain isn’t my gripe though, it’s shit like this that rubs salt into the wound – the wound being that huge gaping hole in my wallet where the weekly train fare goes up.

National Rail, if you’re going to hike up prices, at least use the money to improve trains… Maybe even add another carriage so I can stop feeling guilty for not buying the guy rubbing up me dinner first.

More images below, and anyone else who’s had a bad experience, you can leave feedback here.




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