Six Steps: Lazy Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss is a big deal. Magazines, Television, Advertising, everywhere is a constant reminder that you should be skinny (not that I agree with being skinny for skinny sake, healthy is the real goal).

The problem with being fat, is that you don’t just wake up one day and BAM, you’re fat. It’s a gradual increase that doesn’t really register until it’s too late. That’s what happened to me. I’ve always been kind of chunky from when I a kid (that’s what you get for growing up Greek). And at uni I managed to keep the weight under control, but it wasn’t until I was living in London, getting takeaways every other night – I’m talking Large Stuffed Crust Pizzas, huge portions of Chinese food, and then the snacks on top, that I put on more weight than I like to admit.

I realised I had to lose weight.

I also realise I’m pretty lazy.

This is how I lost weight, the lazy way.

Step one:
Take a before photo.

I can’t stress how important this is. Over the past year, this has been my biggest source of inspiration.

July 2013 Before Photo Weight Loss

This was mine. At the time it was just a normal photo but as soon as my weight started to drop, it served as a powerful message that I could reach my goal.

Step two:
Whatever you’re eating, eat less.

If you have excess body fat, there’s only one reason and that’s because you’re eating more than your body needs. I overindulged on everything, and cutting down is hard. Really hard. But only for the first week or two, then your body gets used to is and you’ll feel great.

Fun fact: The 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men are outdated and way over the top for office workers and static lifestyles. The human body only needs around 1200 calories a day to keep everything functioning normally (try not to go under as it becomes unhealthy). If you’re leading an active lifestyle, you can afford to go up to about 1500/1600 depending on what you do.

This leads us perfectly into the next step.

Step three:
Clue up on calories.

I was clueless on how many calories was in what, and it’s true that the perfect body shouldn’t just focus on calories. But as I said at the start – I’m lazy and baby steps is the best way to get going, so instead of watching intake levels fat, sugar, salt, etc, etc, I avoided nothing, except Trans Fats (that means biscuits!). Also, watch out for liquid calories like soft drinks and alcohol!

An app I started using after a few months of just generally eating less, was MyFitnessPal. Scan nearly anything and you’ll get a calorie count as well as other stats on the food – you can also log what you eat and track your weight. It’s the single most useful app I’ve used for this.

The best part. It’s 100% free.

Step four:
Up the protein.

As you lose weight, you’ll also lose muscle mass. To stop this from happening up the protein and lower your carb intake.

Step five:
Make healthy choices.

That means move more snack less. The more you move, the healthier you’ll be and the better you’ll look. Little things like taking the stairs over the escalator or elevator. Do a few push ups, squat or jog on the spot during the TV ad breaks. Small choices will add up, and after a while it’ll be a natural decision.

Step six:
Keep track.

Weight Loss Journey

Photos are the best way to keep track of your physical appearance and also boost your motivation. Monitor your weight, but keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re building muscle and losing fat – you might end up weighing more than you expect, but you’ll look great.

Good luck!

Now go follow me on Instagram to see what I eat, update photos and sometimes (read: rarely) my exercises.

June 2014 Holiday

**UPDATE – Charlotte and I have built the web-app that’ll keep you fit. It’s free and you can use it over at

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  1. Great work and nice article. Now eat some pie, you’re wasting away šŸ™‚ Seriously, good luck in keeping this going…

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