Being asked to seed an advert I filmed is a good feeling.

Chris and I filmed this “advert” for the Co-Op driving insurance aimed at young drivers. What a cracking feeling it was getting an email from the seeding company unknowingly asking me to publish it. When I started The Cheese Grater in the first year of ad school, this was one of my goals: to get to a point where I get asked to seed my own stuff on my own site… and get paid. Dope.


John Lewis Advert

Their new advert, when I first saw it (the long version) on TV, I was mesmerised and I found myself being touched. I didn’t cry, but I had a lump in my throat as it is VERY touching and insightful into how short life is and all the usual soppy messages about love, life, friends etc that get thrown in…

However my irish good friend Jess pointed out this advert to me and it’s just ruined the whole thing. Cheating cop outs.