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Drowse Exhibition, Bangkok






The malls in Thailand are surprisingly tourist-free. It wasn’t until half-an-hour of strolling around the place we realised we were the only western faces there! There seems to be a pattern forming with this happening. Anyway, this post isn’t about the mall but the walk to it.

We passed this yellow building which we didn’t initially notice but instead noticed the sign with a roughly written ‘Drowse Exhibition’ on it. We stare at it for a few moments before this guy walks out with an enviable moustache and all around cool-person persona. He invited us in to look at the gallery. We oblige and enter the building. He takes us through a door and up a set of stairs… the place looks abandoned – uh oh. We go up another flight of steps and here we are, at this really intimately sized exhibition. Some really nice work on display and talking to our moustached mate (his work on display behind us in the selfie), find out he’s actually an art teacher for the lessons taking place on the ground floor. He takes some photos of us, we get a selfie with him and we all leave best of friends, well, Facebook friends. And we liked the Facebook Page.


Norman Hurtz

I’ve set up a website for my illustrator vectors under the brand name of Norman Hurtz. The main reason behind the alter ego is because people love exclusivity. One man who no one really knows who he is (except you) making these, in my opinion, pretty awesome vector artworks of people. It’s not batch made, or illustrated with hired help, it’s one man, every single piece is original and they can’t be obtained on a willy nilly basis.

Plus, I also made the logo a couple of years ago and wanted a use for it.

Here’s some of the work thats up on site. Norm is also on Twitter.