Blogger’s Block.

I find myself empty for thought recently on what to write about. I would say that it’s because I’ve been busy, and to a certain extent I have (sort of). I’ve recently got into a series called Breaking Bad that has gripped me from the first episode forcing me to watch both seasons (19 50 minute episodes) in their entirety in a mere 3 days.

Shamed and entertained.

On another note, I’ve been thinking about a business card. More of a business coin actually. A suitably sized, silver/gold coloured, engraved coin.

It will not fit in a business card holder, it will however, fit into the change compartment in a wallet/purse. Business cards can tear, rip, get damaged by water. Coins are much more durable.

Picture this: You’re walking down the street, it’s a nice summer day, you’re taking your time and enjoying the weather. You glance down and see a bit of cardboard upside down, possibly damaged by the rain or people walking over it.

Most likely, you’ll pass it by.

Now, same scenario but with a coin. Money maybe? You’re curious, you pick it up. What next? If you keep it, then you’re a potential customer, if you throw it back on the floor you’ve given someone else the opportunity to pick it up.

So that, and some other thought over the matter led me to research about investing in a small batch of business coins.

Done properly, they would look very, very nice.