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Thoughts on the ColcaSac Hanakapiai for 11″ MacBook Air

The great people over at (sellers of macbook air sleeves and laptop cases) kindly sent over the ColcaSac Hanakapiai Case for my new Macbook Air (11 inch).

In return, I’m writing about what I think of this product.

Journal Reviews

HAMA Defender Lens Case

Another case happened upon my doorstep courtesy of the generous people atĀ, this time though, it was a lens case. The HAMA Defender lens case, to be precise: medium sized to fit my 17-85mm EFS lens as you can see in the photo above.


De/Fault Case.

What a pile of donkey shit. A while back (and currently still going on) the guys at Default Case had an AMAZING sale on iPhone cases and since I needed one, I ordered a case immediately. Now, I wasn’t expecting anything overly fantastic because it was a very good sale, almost unbelievable… until I received the product.

As I opened the jiffy bag with excitement, I pulled out the black iPhone case ready to clip on my phone. I pull it out, check there’s no debris on the inside before I clip it on – but I see a little white spec; probably just a bit of the packaging, no worries, I’ll just blow it off… looks stuck so I gently try to rub it off.

Now, this is where I went wrong. That spec was actually the bare plastic, as I found out, after my gentle rub removed more flaky paint and then leading on to a gentle (and I really do mean gentle) scratch revealed more and more of the base plastic. Apparently, these cases are purely ornamental as using them day to day will leave a load of coloured crap wherever there is a slight bit of friction. A table, your pocket, in your hand. It’s quite frankly disgraceful, especially since there was a hand signed quality control check document which accompanied the order information and product. If you insist on getting one, make sure it’s the white one and hope it hasn’t been painted. $35? I’d lose my shit if I paid $35.

Nevertheless, to be fair to the people at Default Case, they have got a good record of customer service, although for the price, it’s really not worth chasing it up unfortunately.


Olympus Case – DIY Style

I’ve been thinking for ages about getting a case for my camera, but I really didn’t want a bulky zip up case as I tend to leave it in there and if there’s a quick shot I could have taken it would have been missed by the time I take the camera out of the case.

I decided to go for a wrapping cloth, which is literally just a square piece of cloth with an elastic circle on one corner so you can fold your camera up in it and hold it together with the elastic band. I looked around for one but they are very hard to come by and they are quite expensive for what they are… so to cut my losses I decided to make one myself. I thought I’d buy some fabric, sew the edges to make them nice and attach a circle of elastic.

I didn’t do this. What I did do was go to the fabric shop, but two 70p sheets of rectangular felt, went home, borrowed my girlfriends sewing machine and sewed the most awesome case to house the camera – then to finish it I used some iron on velcro to secure it and now I have an extremely lightweight, nonĀ abrasive, protective force field for the camera which I’ve made so the neck strap can come out of the sides to easily carry it around my neck or do whatever with it that would need the neck strap out… like spinning it above my head or something.

Here’s a quick GIF I made to show it off (image quality is poor because I can’t yet seem to take a picture of a camera with the camera that’s having it’s picture taken, so I used my iPhone in a poorly lit room).