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How to build a one page personal website

Website Showcase

This is a walkthrough tutorial, with code examples on how to build this one-page website that you will be able to customise with a text-editor. I’ll also talk you through buying a domain name (, web-hosting (where your website is stored), how to point yout domain to your web-host and upload your website.

I’ll make this as easy as I can and will assume you have no previous coding experience. You might want to bookmark this page because it’s quite long.

Ready? Let’s go.

Before you start building your website, you should have a clear vision of what you want on your website and how you want it to look. You can sketch something on a napkin or make it pretty in Photoshop. Either way, it’s a lot harder without some direction.


“Fucking Prawns!”

Inspired by District 9, this was my attempt at a DIY “Prawn” claw, unfortunately, upon further inspection, it actually looks nothing like it. Nevertheless, I had to make this bad boy after seeing how easy it was in this tutorial from Indy Mogul.

This is what it looked like right after I decided it was a good idea to layer the latex on while it was on my hand. Not the best idea, but I found out that I could cope with just one arm. Which is comforting.

After I got the base of it done I did my own thing and finished off the bottle of liquid latex. It was worth it though and more is on order for the rest of the arm… that’s right, a full, bad boy, mofo, alien arm!

Marcus Michaels

Check out the album on Flickr


Olympus Case – DIY Style

I’ve been thinking for ages about getting a case for my camera, but I really didn’t want a bulky zip up case as I tend to leave it in there and if there’s a quick shot I could have taken it would have been missed by the time I take the camera out of the case.

I decided to go for a wrapping cloth, which is literally just a square piece of cloth with an elastic circle on one corner so you can fold your camera up in it and hold it together with the elastic band. I looked around for one but they are very hard to come by and they are quite expensive for what they are… so to cut my losses I decided to make one myself. I thought I’d buy some fabric, sew the edges to make them nice and attach a circle of elastic.

I didn’t do this. What I did do was go to the fabric shop, but two 70p sheets of rectangular felt, went home, borrowed my girlfriends sewing machine and sewed the most awesome case to house the camera – then to finish it I used some iron on velcro to secure it and now I have an extremely lightweight, non abrasive, protective force field for the camera which I’ve made so the neck strap can come out of the sides to easily carry it around my neck or do whatever with it that would need the neck strap out… like spinning it above my head or something.

Here’s a quick GIF I made to show it off (image quality is poor because I can’t yet seem to take a picture of a camera with the camera that’s having it’s picture taken, so I used my iPhone in a poorly lit room).


Survival Bracelets

I have no doubt that these are going to be the “next big thing”; they’re awesome and they are getting pumped into the public eye as a survival fashion product for Rambo wannabe guys. I want one! £22 on is way, way to expensive though, so – as they are just carefully braided paracord with a harness clip; I’ll build my own!

I’ve worked out that I could make about 6, maybe 7 of these for under £2-£3, by hand. I need some paracord , a clasp (though I have seen ones made where there is no clasp at all and it just slides on and off – it looks pretty swish) and some crazy knotting know how.

Hello internetz!

I’ll probably post some pics up of when I make it, and then some more of it saving my life, like wrapped round a bears hungry mouth or perhaps me playing cats cradle with it.