PrivacyGuard & TrackPad Protector

Your trackpad is protected from smashes, scratches and stains. When you’re on your laptop, no one but you can see your screen.

Imagine the possibilites, you sick and twisted freaks.


Vienna’s Charity Head Shave

I should have posted this up AGES ago, but I’ve been hella busy so here it is. This is a video I filmed on the Canon 550D with the 50mm f1.8 (cracking lens). The start doesn’t have any sounds, so don’t think your speakers aren’t working. They are. Unless they’re not, but that’s not my fault.

It’s also here on YouTube.


Short: Your Lucky Day

An amazingly shot and edited piece of film/art. Directed by Dan and features a cameo of “Boy Meets World” actor Rider Strong. Everything about this is pretty intense and the calming music only adds to it.