Style & Creativity

I did a soft launch of this site last month and it’s had quite a good response. Style & Creativity is the new website to spawn from what was The Cheese Grater. After a server-side hacking, The Cheese Grater was compromised and I decided to leave it deceased as the numbers were falling on it and I just didn’t have enough time to maintain it anymore after I started my new job.

Nevertheless – Style & Creativity is a new project focused more on… yup, Style and Creativity. It’s got a wider contributor base than my old site, as it was only me. But after reaching out to contributors through Twitter and such like, it’s seeing a new level of community driven content that just wasn’t the case with The Cheese Grater no matter how hard I tried to push it. People just didn’t ‘get’ the old site.

It’s still early days (I haven’t even settled on a logo for it yet), but you can visit and register to it over on