Inspiration Journal

Key of Confidence

Today I was in an office supply store and stumbled across some mini cash boxes. These are small metal boxes that are lockable by key. Nothing new there but then I got to thinking… what if you used it as a kind of get-away box?

Allow me to explain my thinking here.

What if you could go through life with more control over how you live? I’m talking about the everyday restraints we adhere to. For example, let’s say you’re in a meeting at work, one of the senior people there makes a decision that you don’t agree with for whatever reason. People often worry about offering a conflicting opinion, with good reason. You don’t want to air your concerns and get on the wrong side of someone that can impact the progression of your career, right?

So what do you do about it? If, worst case scenario – you lose your job and don’t have a backup plan, you’re screwed.

The aptly named Key of Confidence is the key to this little mini cash box. The idea here is in addition to your regular savings, not instead of. Also, remember it’s almost always better to pay off any outstanding debt first before putting money into savings.

Here we go:

  1. Figure out, if you were to lose all source of income tomorrow, what steps you’d need to take and how long it’d be until you start earning enough money to live the life you’re living now.
  2. Calculate how much money you’d need to support you during this time and get things up and running.
  3. Keep that amount in a mini cash box, lock it, hide it well, and keep the key with you everyday.
  4. Use it. Use the knowledge of knowing that at the drop of a hat, you can walk away from everything and start again fresh. Use it as courage to stand up to your dickhead boss without fear of retaliation. Use it to make the right decisions for your life everyday.

Bam. That’s the Key of Confidence. Also known by it’s acronym as the FCKU Box.