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Travel Tip: Whatever you pack, pack less.


Over two months since leaving the UK and I’ve come to realise I’ve packed way too much shit.

Taking only hand luggage, I bought the 21″ Aerolite Holdall for about £12. It’s perfect for RyanAir’s tight restrictions and when you’ve got to where you’re going, you can unpack and fold it up to the size of a book.

Aerolite Folded Up

If you’re going to stay a while in one place where you can unpack, it’s perfect. If you’re travelling from place to place, you’ll do better with one of these bags.

This is what I originally packed:


MacBook Air 11″ + Charger
iPad Mini + Cable
– iPhone 4S + Cable
– Apple USB Wall Plug
Remington Beard Trimmer + Charger
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush + Travel Case + Charger
Kindle + Charger
Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Charger
– Four Camera Lenses
Apple EarPods
Clip-on Phone Camera Lenses
– Two pairs of glasses
– Two pairs of sunglasses
Field Notes Expedition Notebook
Field Notes Pen
Fisher Space Pen
Double-Edged Razor
– A Book on Javascript Patterns
– Misc. Toiletries
– Passport / Money / Cards / etc.

Bags / Cases:

Aerolite Foldaway Holdall
American Apparel Gym Bag
Muji Hanging Toiletries Case (to store camera lenses)
ColcaSac Laptop Sleeve
– Glasses Case
– Fab Toiletries Bag (for actual toiletries this time)
Neon Pink Nike Heritage Small Messenger Bag


– Havianas Flip Flops
– Nike Roshe Runs
– Blue Suede Shoes (bargain from Primark)


– Hoody
– Jacket
– Pair of Jeans
– One Belt
– Two Short Sleeve Shirts
– Three Vests
– Seven T-Shirts
– Two Pairs of Swimming Trunks
– Four Pairs of Shorts (one pair for working out)
– Seven Pairs of Trainer Socks
– Nine Pairs of Boxers

How the hell did they let me on the plane with all that stuff?!

On top of that, during the course of this trip I’ve realised that most of my T-shirts are heavy material and dark in colour and all of my shorts are more for going out (i.e. not that comfortable to always wear), so while here I’ve also bought:

– Three T-Shirts (lighter materials than what I brought with me)
– Pair of Shorts (more comfortable than my other shorts)

I told you I over-packed.

Waste of space

This is all a waste of space.

– Blue Suede Shoes
– Hoody
– Jacket
– Pair of Jeans
– One Belt
– One Short Sleeve Shirts
– Five T-Shirts
– One Pairs of Shorts

I plan to swap my camera for a good compact and leave all this at home:

– Olympus OM-D E-M5
– Bulky Charger
– Four Lenses
– Muji Hanging Toiletries Bag

I could also leave behind my book on Javascript Patterns. 20 items. Twenty items taking up precious space and adding unnecessary weight.

I didn’t bring a towel, but I have a travel towel that’s coming with me when we explore South East Asia.

A great idea I’ve had to free up even more space – which I’m not sure I should publicly admit – is underwear. Instead of boxer shorts (which actually take up quite a bit of space) I want to find out some fresh looking Y-fronts that’ll keep me cool and packing light.

Why did I originally pack so much? I have no idea. Maybe it’s something to do with wanting to be prepared for everything. Whatever it is, I’m guilty as charged.

Next time you’re packing your bags, pack less and have a great time.

When have you taken too much stuff away with you? What should you have left behind?