Interactive Personal Finance Flowchart

Running a small business and writing my own paycheque means I need to not only stay on top of my business finances, but also my personal finances to make sure I don’t run out of money too soon. I often browse the UK Personal Finance Subreddit because it’s got a great community, and hosts some interesting articles and good advice.

A useful flowchart that’s often talked about in the subreddit is the original Personal Finance Flowchart Image. Follow the flow and you should be pointed in the right direction based on your financial circumstances. It really is a good flowchart.

Though there’s a problem with it.

If you’re looking at it on a desktop, it loads the original high-res image which you can enlarge, read, and do what you gotta do. However, on mobile – which is where I had my first encounter with it – the image hosting provider compresses it, making the text almost too difficult to read.

This is when I thought I’d make a mobile version of it for the community.

A mobile version needed to be simpler because of the small screen, and there’s a lot of information that users wouldn’t need to see anyway, so I decided to make it interactive and limit the flow in which information is delivered.

You can check out the interactive personal finance flowchart here. It’s an open source project too, so if you’d like to contribute you can head on over to the GitHub Repo here.

Happy saving.



I’ve been brushing up on my HTML & CSS and learning JavaScript with Codecademy. If you don’t know what this is. Get on it. Now. It’s probably the easiest and cheapest (it’s all free) way to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript – the three fundamental internet languages. With this Godlike trio you can easily build interactive, cross-platform websites and web-apps.

The reason I’m writing about this is because I’ve had the past week off work and haven’t blogged. I’ve chilled mainly – got a new couch that folds into a kick-ass guest bed, but I’m probably going to make it the base for my fort as I’ve got so much leftover cardboard  packaging (BTW if anyone has any other ideas what to do with this – let’s do something awesome. I’m thinking robots.).

I digress.

So, yea. Codecademy – do it. It’ll open up your prospects, look good on your CV – all that bollocks, yaddah yaddah yaddah.

It’s also hella fun. I’m racking up points like a cyber monster!


Scrolling Main Page Action

Just checked my inbox to find an unexpected email from my good man Josh over at providedesign. It contained my awesome new scroll feature on my home page portfolio, cheers buddy.

Previously it used to jump to the relevant section: now it scrolls. The main benefit is that people can actually see it’s one page so they can scroll about instead of going back to the buttons each time as if they were individual pages.