Modest Fonts

Modest Fonts

The other night I quickly threw together this website showcasing my new fonts with download links for personal use. I posted it on Reddit before I went to sleep thinking nothing of it (as my posts don’t usually fare too well).

The next morning I was shocked! My post was getting popular, so much so that it not only reached the front page of /r/graphic_design, but it was actually the top link for a while.


This morning, I wasted no time (apart from taking a picture of a leaking radiator valve for my landlord) in checking the stats for yesterday’s visitor count on Google Analytics. Two thousand visitors!

That put a smile on my face.

That, and this:

P.S. Credit goes to @charl0ttejane for the beautiful illustrations on each button’s hover-over state.

Charlotte Jane Saunders Illustration

Twitter Timeline

Twitter have just asked me if I want to embed my timeline on my website… SURE!

It’s interesting because they had this before – but it looks like they’ve revamped it to include the ability to reply and follow from the timeline, instead of just the standard tweets.



Check out the awesome font I made tonight. It’s so awesome that I’m giving it away FREE for personal use right here! Download MarcusFont and watch all life’s troubles melt away.


iFontMaker for iPad

If you do download it and use it for a project, please please please let me know, I’d love to see what you do with it.

The Portable Office: Filer


The biggest issue with the iPad, for me, was the inability to download various filetypes from the web. I don’t mean PDFs and other easily readable files that iPad can handle – I’m talking about .tff (fonts), packaged .zip files and various others.

My previous process for, lets say, importing a new font into the Inkpad app was this:
Get on laptop > download > extract font.tff > upload to Dropbox > Get on iPad > open Inkpad > import font.

You get the idea. Menial tasks like this shouldn’t warrant the need a computer at all.

Then I found out about Filer! This app is like a key that unlocks some serious iPad potential (It also has a free version which is just as great minus a few features).

Filer simply allows you to download whatever you like, unzip (if necessary) and upload it to your Dropbox making it instantly available for use by all the other compatible apps you may have.

Work Anywhere. The Portable Office.

My perfect office.

This won’t always suit everyone, but over the years I have been putting together my perfect portable office. By this, I mean having all the equipment needed to do the job I do, but without the need to be in a certain building or country, being able to get up and go anywhere at the drop of a hat.

To me, this is an extremely dynamic, and liberating way of working. I currently work in an office, but I have the option to do what I usually do – anywhere in the world.

To give you an idea of my job; I do a lot of content creation – photography, videography, video editing, building websites, social networking, blogging, coming up with ideas and generally just making things happen.

The idea of having to work in one place, especially in a creative industry, is an idea I don’t like. At all.

Here is the equipment list from left to right, top to bottom, of everything pictured above:

And to make sure all your files are always accessible everywhere – store them in the cloud using free services such as Dropbox, or Google Drive (Google Docs is a great alternative to Microsoft Office).

So I put it to you – could you, or do you, adopt this way of working?


Late last night I had an invitation to land in my inbox. It’s a site that is built solely to converse on. You start a topic, and people talk about it. Discussions often lead to other discussions, when this happens in Branch, it’s easily branched out onto it’s own individual topic at the click of a button.

I started a topic to see what other people think about it and to try it out properly for the first time. I’ve embeded the Branch below, more to test how well it embeds onto third-party websites than anything else. Continue reading “Branch”