Why I stripped the style from my blog

Good morning! Today sees my new WordPress theme launch.


When I say “new WordPress theme” I really mean “basic stripped down version of a WordPress theme requiring only the minimum functionality and styles for it to work”.

I’ve always been an on-and-off blogger mainly due to not wanting to blog when I don’t like my theme, so my clever idea was to make this blog just about the content.

All you UX people out there will argue that I’m not maximising clickthroughs, that there’s no real thought-out user journey and maybe some aspects are clunky. I’m not going to disagree, I also don’t care. The important thing for me is that I start writing again. The styles I’ve built make posts easy to read on various devices and that’s all that really matters to me right now.

The design was a tricky one for me, as it’s a big part of my profession I strive to make everything I do look as good as it can. To some degree I’ve done that with this theme considering the restrictions I’ve put on it. It’s still early days and I’m still tweaking little bits that bug me but on the whole I can live with it.

I’d ask for feedback, but as I said above – I don’t really care right now, but obviously you can leave a comment telling me how awesome I am.


Rugrats Minimalist Wallpapers

I was watching The Rugrats on Netflix in bed, as you do. Suddenly, I was overcome with fascination by Chucky’s t-shirt.

It must have been a high dose of nostalgia copulating with the geek neurons in my brain, but I just kept thinking that I really want that as the background for my computer.

I made it, and as I was, my mind started to drift into thinking how cool the full set of characters would be as minimalist wallpapers.


Choose My Medium

“Built while drunk, tweaked while hungover, finished before a shower.”

The website is now up and raring to go. The concept is simple – need to think of some mediums to advertise on? randomises a growing list of media types from the usual suspects to something you probably haven’t even considered (which is the whole point of the website).

I kept it super simple and and it works sublime. Here’s a screenshot if you’re too lazy to visit the page:

Shout out to @JPHubbard keeping me company over Skype during this.