Scamping Content

Content by Marcus

I’ve been creating content again for the Samsung Mobile UK Facebook Page. Before I start working on either a content series or a single post, I’ll doodle the idea and send it to the client for sign-off. If they like it, BAM; it’s time to get to work.

It’s a good role, I love the creation, I love taking photos and I love combining everything in Photoshop to make it pop.

With the new range of Samsung Galaxy S4 devices being launched (Active, Mini and Zoom), I created a ‘living nature’ themed content series with each post highlighting the product’s main feature. I’m happy to say that they were very well received by our fans.

Take a look at the original concept scamps above the finished pieces.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: Shark




Content content content.


The past month has been quiet on the blogging front. The reason being, is that I’ve been busy settling in to my new role and for the most part creating content for the Samsung Mobile UK Facebook page. Needless to say, with the release of the Galaxy S4 it’s been absolutely manic. But now it’s calming down,