It Appears I’ve Been Published

I recently wrote a little opinion piece about the spank me new social network, Google+ for – Imperica is a site which brings together a number of creative disciplines within digital media, as they say on their about page.

The article is currently featured on the front page, so check that out… but as I’m happy you stopped by here, I’m going to give you a direct link to it, here.


Hello You Creatives: Special Print Edition

I just found out that some of my work has been published in the HYC first ever news print. What’s even more lucky is how I found out… on a Facebook album thumbnail!

I’m pretty stoked about that, just gutted I didn’t manage to get a copy of it. Maybe someone will be nice enough to [subtle hint] send me one?

Below is the full, colour version.Unfortunately, it’s not in a cool printed paper format like the tangible version above. This was inspired by the film Mon OnclĂ© for a university project.