Journal Makings

Development Test Page

…another modest innovation

In my constant endeavour to learn more, I am, and have been building a single webpage for use as a little test area. It’s sole purpose is to display useful information about the browser/monitor you’re viewing the webpage on; things like the size of your browser’s window, your screen’s resolution, and some other things that I haven’t thought of yet.

The page is also going to double up as a cross-browser test area – meaning that I can put something new on it, and hopefully it’ll look the same in all browsers (even Internet Explorer, even though it’s shit and I hate it). It also holds no images. Those triangles are pure CSS, a very neat trick found over at

So what we’ll have by the end of it, is a useful tool for the public, and a useful tool for me.

Watch this space. EDIT: It’s live.

P.S If window size reads ‘0px’ – click the mouse.


M.ZUIKO 14-150mm Lens Review with Test Shots

I’ve recently got my hands on the Olympus 14-150mm M.ZUIKO Micro 4/3 camera lens for the Olympus PEN series of cameras. The lens is being used on the Olympus E-PL1 and so all video/photo content will have been produced using this badass camera & lens unless otherwise stated.

To start, I’d like to point out that I’m not a professional photographer (as many of you will know), but I am picking it up quickly as a hobby. With that in mind, I’m not going to get into all the nitty gritty details that only a camera/photography expert will understand but I will talk about it as the general consumer and technology lover.


Self Portrait: Who Needs Lights?!

I’ve recently been wanting a super cool, awesomely epic and badass self portrait. Tonight I tried my hand at it. This, from the start, was obvious that it wasn’t going to be my prize and glory, but I thought fuck it; I’ll give it a go.

Of course, with no natural or studio lights, I could only hope to learn technique rather than be left with a kick-ass final image. I had a tripod, a chair, a blank wall, a standard lamp (which you can see in my glasses) and the room’s ordinary ceiling light. I also had my trusty Olympus PEN.

This is the image I captured with manual focus and the 2 second timer:

This is what using some basic and intermediate photoshopping techniques achieved:

But then I got bored of being on the computer so I went and hung out with some girls. I was excluded.


Results: The Big Personality Test

I’ve just had a go at the BBC’s “The Big Personality Test” that reveals your top 5 personality traits and what that actually means in your life according to the answers you have given.

I’m pretty happy with my results so I’m going to publish my scores here.