The hell is happening?

So… I quit my job, bought a Penny Skateboard, took a look at my life and realised that I really really REALLY need to sort my shit out.

My blog needs a redesign, do I keep all the old content or not? I want to say yes and just not format it to fit nicely with whatever theme I design because the old content started from my first year at university. It’s like a timeline from when I started uni, finished uni, got a job and then quit the job.

I actually leave my job on the 6th May, so I’m kind of counting down the days while still trying to figure out what the fuck to do with all this digital shit I’ve accumulated.

I’ve got a brand I’m happy with now. My logo is a squiggle and it can be used in some awesome situations (like the mustard on a hotdawg – trust me, it’s cool).

The evening I quit my job I’m getting on the Eurostar with Charlotte and spending a few nights in Paris. That should be nice. After we’re back I’m gonna finish designing my website/blog/whateverelseIneedtofinish and then at the end of May we’re going to piss off to Malta for a few months.

Then we’re going to go to South East Asia for the rest of our lives until our money runs out. Might pick up a few jobs, will probably carry on doing some freelance digital doings. Whatever.

I also want to start making videos again – but I feel like I can’t until I sort out how everything is going to look. That’s stupid because the content will influence the design. But I want the designs to be done before I start making content. I’m digging a hole, pissing in it and diving head first into a shit stream. It doesn’t make sense.

I guess that’s why I blogged again, because this blog (as it currently stands) doesn’t even have a header! it’s just text on a page. Actually looks not bad, but you know, I’m never happy with anything for myself. Doing stuff for others is easy. Doing stuff for me is shit.

Also I’ve got too many categories.

I hate categories.

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