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Thoughts on the Capdase mKeeper Case

The fine people over at sent me the Capdase mKeeper 180A Camera Case.

In return, they wanted to know what I thought of it. (I won’t go into specs, they’re all on the bag’s webpage, along with more images)

Originally, I decided to document this in a video so you could get a good idea of the product wouldn’t have to read all the crap I write. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, this was impossible. (although I’m am attempting to get some video of it up soon.)

Anyhoo. First thoughts. As soon as I pulled it out of the packaging it felt really good. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. It’s nice to hold and well crafted. As far as camera cases go, it’s a very good looking product.

The unit itself is very compact. At first I thought it was too small for my uses, but surprisingly, it fits my camera body (Canon 550D) with a 50mm 1.8 (attached), my 17-85mm beast, and a couple of batteries and other little bits in the zip pockets. Sorry about the bad quality image below.

A nice feature is the adjustable partitioner within the case which is held in place by velcro. Not original, but very welcome.

The rear zip pocket holds a very useful cover (especially with the UK’s weather) that pulls out and over the case giving it further protection from the elements… probably not fire though. Don’t try that.

So far so good. Time for a test drive.

I took it with me to a video shoot in Hyde Park. Packing my gear, I noticed a lack of space for my GorillaPod. I didn’t really need it this time so it was forgivable, but it’s something that I do tend to keep with me just in case.

The good thing about it’s size is that it fits quite comfortably into a larger (medium sized) backpack which, for me, is very useful.

At the shoot, it started to rain. I say rain, but what I actually mean is that the heavens above opened up and literally pissed all over us like a million buckets of water simultaneously being upturned. Despite this, my gear was as dry as a bone.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to use this as my main bag from now on so if anything of note happens (like it unexpectedly explodes), I’ll keep you informed.

You can see more Canon 550D cases here, or if you have a different camera, check out the other SLR camera bags over here.

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