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Thoughts on the ColcaSac Hanakapiai for 11″ MacBook Air

The great people over at (sellers of macbook air sleeves and laptop cases) kindly sent over the ColcaSac Hanakapiai Case for my new Macbook Air (11 inch).

In return, I’m writing about what I think of this product.

Before I start, please forgive me that I forgot to take off the badge before taking pictures. Don’t expect a badge to be over the logo if you buy one.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the jiffy bag, was that it was encased in this amazing envelope that gave a really distinct feel to the product I was about to receive. I continued to pull out the actual case from within the envelope, and I was surprised at how soft it was. To look at, it look as though it will feel like a potato sack but alas, it’s as soft as a pillow, but then I opened it up… Waoh. The inside of the case felt amazing. Like fisting a cloud. A super soft cloud, that, if big enough, I would definitely sleep in it every night. But as it happens, only my laptop is subject to the privilege.

The case is handmade, which is obvious from the quality of how well made it is. When the laptop is in it, it doesn’t sit symmetrically, and the flap doesn’t sit down dead centre when it’s closed, but that adds to the charm of a product like this. If it wasn’t handmade you could mistake it for a bad batch that went through the machine at an odd angle, not overly noticeable, but noticeable nonetheless. Though as it stands, it’s imperfections are what make it a unique and ownable case for a symmetry perfect laptop.

I use this case daily on my commute to, from and at work. The velcro fastener allows for quick access, nice if I need to whip it out on the train quickly. It’s also very floppy (if that’s the right word), when the laptop isn’t in it, so it fits pretty much anywhere when not in use.

I can’t actually fault the case, though my main concern is that it’s probably not going to help a lot if you drop your laptop while it’s in the case. It’s great for protecting it against light knocks and from things scratching it, so it’s the perfect ‘in bag’ bag. It’s also very slim because of this, which I like.

The front pocket on the case was obviously designed for the American version of the MacBook Air’s charger, but us brits have the three prong plug which, unlike the america one, is wider than the actual charging unit… but still, it fits well and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall out easily – though I’d hate to think what would happen if I knocked the charger while it was in the case against my laptop, so I don’t actually put it in there that often.

BONUS FACT: It’s made from hemp (please don’t try and smoke it), nature’s strongest natural fibre and because of it’s natural roots, it’s very friendly to the environment, if you’re into that.

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