ZombieSmash iPhone Review

ZombieSmash is one of the best games I have on my iPhone. The game itself supports Crystal so if you play for awards and want to be part of a community not too dissimilar to what the PS3 and XBox have going on, it’s pretty cool.

The game starts off and you’re a loner stuck in a house in the middle of a field and you have to survive waves of zombies for 31 days (levels). I started playing after reading a couple of reviews saying how good it was, and I wasn’t overly impressed until I got a few levels in, because that’s where the intensity builds up and you really get into the game, unlocking new weapons and new zombies. A nice little touch at the end of each level is the “Finish ’em” camera where everything goes in slow motion and you can literally rip off their limbs and capture the torture to keep in your photo album.

There are three of different modes for gameplay; campaign mode in which you have to survive for 31 days, endless siege which is self explanatory and there is sandbox where you can make your own levels by choosing what zombies and how many you want to tear apart with the added bonus of hand selecting the weapons you wish to kill em with. The further you get into the game the better the unlocks and you can use your points to upgrade the weapons you already have.

The game itself is amazing, it’s a simple game, all you do is flick zombies in the air or smash them on the ground, but new zombies and the weapon unlocks are what really make the game what it is. I’ve had it over easter and I haven’t grown tired of it yet, which is something I cannot say about most of the other apps I try.

The weapons splurge out of the zombies as you kill them as well as the stars which you have to collect separately, so imagine trying to collect stars while flicking shit loads of rabid zombies against the wall and floor as well as collecting weapons before using them to fill your bath with the blood of ripped apart zombies; it gets pretty intense.

A mention to the Ragdoll Physics are a must as they add that extra “God-like” control over the zombies giving a realistic effect as they fly through the air, get picked up or just bounce off the floor and with thanks to the SplatterEngine, each time a limb falls off the appropriate blood and gore accompanies it to complete the awesomeness.

As for the weapons, I’m not going to give away what they are, but you can see a couple in the screenshot above which I must say, are the crappy weapons compared to the others.

Overall, I can see this game having longevity on your iPhone as the game you play to just pass a bit of time. If I had to rate it in stars and I could only go up to five … I’d probably give it a 4, possibly a 5 out of 5 and at 59p (will probably go up soon) It’s a definite must have for zombie lovers and iPhone gamers alike.ZombieSmash [iTunes Link]

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