Dave Hill Photography

Just when I needed a dose of inspiration, it hits me like a kid playing on the train tracks! Dave Hill is a fantastic photographer, but more than that is his heavy use of post processing that makes his photos so astounding. After watching a couple of his “Behind The Scene” videos on Vimeo, I can kind of grasp the way he does his shoots, shooting each element separately from each other, cutting them out and then manipulating them together along with some other post processing techniques.

I love Photoshop and I’m getting into this Photography lark quite a bit so I may take try to make some pieces like this. It doesn’t compare, but my Self Portrait attempt, it seems (due to the cutting out of elements and heavy post processing photo manipulation) is a very small scale version of this manipulative photography. I have tried this before for a few things, but half the techniques I know now, I didn’t back then. All I need is some more equipment and an idea for a shoot, then maybe people will be blogging about my photography too!

Check out more of his work here, or click the images above.

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