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Famous Ankles – Dr Martens

[MI: Update 8] Pitches, Proposals and Presentations

Key of Confidence

[MI: Update 7] Hello London Office

[MI: Update 6] Website Launch + New Business

[MI: Update 5] Doodles and Deadlines

[MI: Update 4] Almost Business Time

Pizza in the wild

[MI: Update 3] Making Progress

[MI: Update 2] Office Space

[MI: Update 1] Growing Modest Industries


Freelancing: Is the risk worth the reward?

Why I stripped the style from my blog

Back and busy… here’s my Twitter.

More Travelling Summaries…

10 little big things I’ve learned in South East Asia

The Story through Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Two-Day Slow Boat: Chiang Rai, Thailand > Luang Prabang, Laos

Getting lost in Chiang Rai

The 14:45 Green Bus from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Isn’t it time you follow me on Instagram?

The 19:35 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Drowse Exhibition, Bangkok

Wat Pho: The Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Good news, everybody. I’m starting a Newsletter!

The Long Walk to Khao San Road

Bangkok: Day One

London to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi

For now, London, farewell.

Tickets Booked, Here We Go!

Topping up the travel fund

Home Is Where The Clouds Are

Gostra – The Maltese Tradition of Running Up a Greasy Pole

Cold Beers, Warm Seas

Baia Beach Club

Travel Tip: Whatever you pack, pack less.

What I learned from a week unplugged

Internet Detox Week

Eating & Exploring in Rabat

Café del Mar Malta

15 Photos from the Sliema Street Art Festival 2014

Yesterday I stepped on a Sea Urchin. Twice.

Quitting my job: the story so far

Malta’s Grand Harbour Marina Polyscape

How to make money while travelling

The British Tag

How to build a one page personal website

Choosing a Travel Backpack

The Quest for my Travelling Backpack

Sweat Roulette is in the news

Sweat Roulette v1

Six Steps: Lazy Weight Loss Plan

From Paper to Pixels

10 Instagram Accounts You Should Totally Follow

Anyone want to hire this model?

The hell is happening?

Hello world (again)!

Scamping Content

Skeletor doing stuff

Code Lab

Content content content.

InterFlora’s SEO campaign

Modest Innovation 2.0

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Latest Build: Quality Franking Supplies


Google Vs. Donkey


New Year, New Job

Concept art

Merry Christmas!

That was unexpected!

What a feeling!

The Portable Office: Filer

The Portable Office: Apps

My name in pixels

MI: Communications

The Reveal

My New Job: The story so far…

Virgin Media Unlimitacular Case Study


The Zoom H1, a Rotolight and a new job.

Happy Birthday to me, from Google

How to sound like an idiot

Modest Labs is now (sort of) live!

Modest Innovation is now on Facebook

Work Anywhere. The Portable Office.


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