Famous Ankles – Dr Martens


Some fine looking ankles right there.

You’re probably thinking “of course they’re some fine looking ankles, you fool, these guys are obviously professional ankle models!”. If that’s what you’re thinking (and there’s no point in lying to yourself), then you’d be oh so wrong. That’s me and my buddy Sol.

Okay, you can’t even tell it’s us and there’s not really much to talk about but still… I’m stoked about appearing on the Dr Martens’ homepage. We even had a stylist to keep everything fine tuned for the photographer.


I’m also stoked because they threw in a pair of docs to sweeten the deal. So fresh.


Anyone want to hire this model?

Marcus Michaels 2014 Portrait

I kid, but seriously, I’ve got a new profile photo.


Playing With SlowMo

I got a new camera (Canon 550D), which is pretty tight. More noticeably, it records at 60FPS – enough to make some cool slow motion effects. Not amazing 1000FPS quality, but with the use of Twixtor (CS5 plugin) it blends the frames so it looks pretty good.

Chris and I decided to have a little play with Alex and the slow motion techniques.