The Shard’s Inauguration from Primrose Hill

The Shard’s Inauguration

Tonight (technically yesterday) I walked down to Primrose Hill to watch The Shard’s inauguration. They had a laser light show.

Walking up the hill I thought I had missed the show because of the hordes of people walking in the opposite direction to me.

When I reached the peak of the hill, I saw the Shard and it’s lasers. It turns out that the show was just boring. That’s why people were leaving.

London skyline

But there were a lot of people that stayed. Although the show was a bit crap, the atmosphere was brilliant. Everyone was happy, couples kissing, friends drinking, tall people getting in the way – it was fun.

A late night kiss with a view from the hill

The night was romantic and a lot of people are probably getting laid as I’m typing.

A couple holding hands walking home after watching The Shard’s inauguration

I’m not, my girlfriend’s asleep. But it’s okay because I got a video of a woman wearing a beanbag on her head (at least I think it’s a woman).

The Shard Lightshow from Primrose Hill from Marcus Michaels on Vimeo.

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