Media Pack.

Well, 4 days into my summer holiday, pretty good when something is happening, boring when not but I can’t help but feel I’ve already wasted the whole summer, don’t know why? I probably just need to get out more!

On another note (the main note of this post), I got an email today from the company who supply the ads for asking for a Media Pack.

I just thought it was a pack of promotional goodies that I send out to companies for potential investment and such, but in this case it was a simple PDF of details on the website statistics and pricing for adverts to be placed on the site as well as some additional information.

I checked out a few on the internet as I was a bit unsure as to what they actually contained and they were pretty long, average 10-12 pages. They were so BORING.

Who has time to read all of that?

Well, mine was only 5 pages. Nice, simple, straight forward and to the point. The way I saw it is that if I supply the key information (such as visitor stats etc.) and a little about the website they’ll have enough information to decide whether or not they like what they’re reading. The previous ones I saw had so much clutter on the page, I felt like I had ADD reading it, jumping around the page like a Mexican jumping bean!

I used quite a cheeky tone of voice it because it goes with the website and I think that helped me get away with it being so short.

Time will tell I suppose. If people keep coming to me, then I know it must be working if not, then I’ll review it.

Next on the agenda for summer – to start freelancing again, unless I get a temp Summer job in an agency of course.