Klout: Passing Trend or Web 3.0?

Klout is only just starting to hit the mainstream of the general public, but is it a passing trend, or a glimpse into the future of the internet?

What is Klout?

Klout is an online service that’s been around for about two years. It’s essentially social media analytics for an individual’s influence across their social network. It gathers data from your social activity and how your network responds to the content you post or the subjects you talk about.


Choose My Medium

“Built while drunk, tweaked while hungover, finished before a shower.”

The website is now up and raring to go. The concept is simple – need to think of some mediums to advertise on? randomises a growing list of media types from the usual suspects to something you probably haven’t even considered (which is the whole point of the website).

I kept it super simple and and it works sublime. Here’s a screenshot if you’re too lazy to visit the page:

Shout out to @JPHubbard keeping me company over Skype during this.


Media Pack.

Well, 4 days into my summer holiday, pretty good when something is happening, boring when not but I can’t help but feel I’ve already wasted the whole summer, don’t know why? I probably just need to get out more!

On another note (the main note of this post), I got an email today from the company who supply the ads for asking for a Media Pack.

I just thought it was a pack of promotional goodies that I send out to companies for potential investment and such, but in this case it was a simple PDF of details on the website statistics and pricing for adverts to be placed on the site as well as some additional information.

I checked out a few on the internet as I was a bit unsure as to what they actually contained and they were pretty long, average 10-12 pages. They were so BORING.

Who has time to read all of that?

Well, mine was only 5 pages. Nice, simple, straight forward and to the point. The way I saw it is that if I supply the key information (such as visitor stats etc.) and a little about the website they’ll have enough information to decide whether or not they like what they’re reading. The previous ones I saw had so much clutter on the page, I felt like I had ADD reading it, jumping around the page like a Mexican jumping bean!

I used quite a cheeky tone of voice it because it goes with the website and I think that helped me get away with it being so short.

Time will tell I suppose. If people keep coming to me, then I know it must be working if not, then I’ll review it.

Next on the agenda for summer – to start freelancing again, unless I get a temp Summer job in an agency of course.