John Lewis Advert

Their new advert, when I first saw it (the long version) on TV, I was mesmerised and I found myself being touched. I didn’t cry, but I had a lump in my throat as it is VERY touching and insightful into how short life is and all the usual soppy messages about love, life, friends etc that get thrown in…

However my irish good friend Jess pointed out this advert to me and it’s just ruined the whole thing. Cheating cop outs.


Standing Out – Be Creative

This is the key phrase for the advertising youth of today.

As an ever growing and highly competitive industry you really do have to do something different to get noticed.

But how far can one actually go before it’s considered distasteful, vulgar or God forbid, get black listed from the industry in an attempt to stand out?

The majority of attainable clients for the new blood, (I’m talking about low budget businesses that are close minded to the proverbial “less is more” that just want you to put as much information as they possibly can onto a tiny bit of paper) have no creative flair, which consistently makes it increasingly hard for us newbies to “Be Different”. Maybe more so to Graphic Designers.

I’m not being ignorant to the fact that yes, we can set our own briefs and come up with some kick-ass ideas.

Sure, it’ll go into our portfolio, we can send it around hundreds of different agencies, hopefully they’ll get your ideas and we’ll get an opportunity.


It’s not like the kind of publicity that you get with a live client. A true problem to be solved using your ideas, which are being mailed direct to homes and being posted up around the town for everyone to see. Maybe it’s just the ego boost from it all that makes it seem so much better.

Or maybe it’s the fact that one person can see that idea, like it and tell another person, maybe they’ll tell someone else who knows someone in the industry and boom, there is another opportunity.

Does this mean to say that it would be a good idea to run your own personal campaigns?

For newbies that want to make it into industry, it may not be a bad idea, why not? Be creative. Hold an event, attempt a viral or use guerrilla tactics.

Get your work seen

Get your work out there any way you can.

It’s one thing being different, but if no ones going to see it. Should you really be trying to get into this game?