Hello VAN!

That’s the Viral Ad Network… a company of which The Cheese Grater has just become a part of! At the moment it’s in a 2 week test placement where they look at the traffic and determine which ads would best suit the site and who they’ll target according to the demographic.

That’s just the good stuff, but I have to mention their site. It’s awesome; it has a sort of ‘sticker’ theme going on. But as far as advertising networks go – this one is a stunner, (maybe not the pixelated background, but the rest is nice). Check them out here.

Google’s TV Spot

This is Google’s advert that aired during the Super Bowl. It’s a really simple approach to showing how Google’s core service is actually used and has been very effective drawing in millions of  views.

Parisian Love

Survival Bracelets

I have no doubt that these are going to be the “next big thing”; they’re awesome and they are getting pumped into the public eye as a survival fashion product for Rambo wannabe guys. I want one! £22 on Firebox.com is way, way to expensive though, so – as they are just carefully braided paracord with a harness clip; I’ll build my own!

I’ve worked out that I could make about 6, maybe 7 of these for under £2-£3, by hand. I need some paracord , a clasp (though I have seen ones made where there is no clasp at all and it just slides on and off – it looks pretty swish) and some crazy knotting know how.

Hello internetz!

I’ll probably post some pics up of when I make it, and then some more of it saving my life, like wrapped round a bears hungry mouth or perhaps me playing cats cradle with it.


You may have noticed I’ve added a couple of buttons to the top right of the blog. Maybe you didn’t notice them; they are pretty small. But they’re also neat, and I like em. The ‘F’ is Facebook and the ‘T’ is Twitter (obviously). They were pretty simple to install, and for those of you with a WordPress blog just copy and paste the code below into your header and change the image location and button destination.

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Okay, so i’m now on twitter; which sucks ass. I’ve kept away for as long as possible, but since I may be acquiring an iPhone soon, I’ve decided i’m going to tweet away my innocence.

I’ll possibly put a twitter feed of my amazingly interesting, soon to be famous tweets in my sidebar, such as “I’ve just eaten breakfast, not half bad” and “Boy, doesn’t my life suck!”

Enjoy. I know I won’t.