Guest Editorial: iPods for filmmakers?

The following is a guest post about the iPod Touch. While I have not had the privilege of using this product for any extended period of time, no doubt there will be a few readers out there who can relate.

The relatively new iPods have taken some of the technology piloted by the iPhone 4 and adapted them in their own way. The touch screen has been used in many of Apple’s other devices, but has been honed and improved for the new nano and touch iPods. The new iPod nano has changed beyond recognition, rather than just being a miniature version of the larger iPod. Similarly, the iPod touch has changed to reflect the advances in Apple technology. 
The iPod touch is much sleeker than its earlier counterpart with slick touchscreen functionality and the ability to download apps. The new device also lets you make FaceTime video calls as the  Apple iPod touch includes an HD video camera so you can make your own impromptu films and as an added bonus, you’ll never be in that ‘I wish I had a camera with me’ situation again. 
As per usual, Apple has created something in both of the new iPods that makes life so much easier. Apple has a way of knowing what we need and delivering it in a perfect little package.

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